Address: Au départ de l'Office de Tourisme 78 rue Bernard Palissy , 37000 Tours Date: Monday 15 jun 2020 - Wednesday 11 Nov 2020

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  • "Very efficient way to have a quick understand of the castles"

    Tuesday 19 Nov 2019

    "+ efficient, 4 castles in 1 day + special discount on the tickets "


"Very efficient way to have a quick understand of the castles"

5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Tuesday 19 Nov 2019

+ efficient, 4 castles in 1 day

+ special discount on the tickets

5  Overall opinion


"Convenable pour visiteur pressé"

4   Very good, recommended  Reviewed Wednesday 30 Oct 2019

Visiter 4 chateaux dans une journée et á la fois l'avantage et l'inconvénient de ce circuit. On peut voir beaucoup de choses mais toutes les visites se font en courant. Il faudrait laisser plus de temps pour Chambord, c'est sur. En changeant l'ordre des visites ce serait peut-etre envisageable.

4  Overall opinion


5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Monday 7 Oct 2019

Encore un accompagnateur très competent

5  Overall opinion

United States

5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Friday 27 Sep 2019

Clarence was a terrific driver, guide, and helper! Loved seeing these 4 chateaux - all very different from each other.

5  Overall opinion

United States

"Convenient way to see many sites in a short period"

5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Monday 23 Sep 2019

This is a very convenient method to see many sites in the area if you do not have a car or just don't want to deal with driving/parking. The tourist office is conveniently located by bus and train stations, so easy to get to. I did not have access to a printer but was able to show my voucher with QR code on my phone when I arrived. Our driver was very friendly and gave great advice at each stop. To me, this was almost the perfect amount of time at each stop. I understand that to see so many things in such a short period, the timing is critical - so if you are someone who wants to take your time and see everything at each stop, this may not be for you. It requires some prioritizing what you want to see at each location, depending on how much time you want to spend viewing certain areas. But to me, this was just about perfect to see the main things and highlights - I don't feel like I missed anything or need to go back. I was very impressed with our driver, who was able to speak many languages and communicate with everyone easily.

5  Overall opinion


4   Very good, recommended  Reviewed Monday 2 Sep 2019

Rien a

redire pour les visites mais nous étions sur les sièges tout au font : inconfortable c est le seul point noir

4  Overall opinion

Teo Ro

5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Saturday 31 Aug 2019

Un programme efficace - mais faut etre en bonne forme! N'hesitez donc pas a prendre des visites qui se superposent: j'ai vu 2 fois Chambord et Chenonceau, je ne le regrette pas, j'ai eu le temps de mieux comprendre ce que je vois.

5  Overall opinion


4   Very good  Reviewed Tuesday 20 Aug 2019

Il est pratique d'avoir un transport entre les chateaux et une entrée un peu plus rapide. Cependant nous avons étés très étonnés de devoir payer, en plus du tour, les frais d'accès à chacuns des chateaux. Sa fait une journée trop couteuse pour des visites trop rapides.

Le chauffeur était gentil, mais sans rien "d'extra".

4  Overall opinion


5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Friday 12 Jul 2019

Les sites visités sont remarquables, simplement, je regrette le manque de temps pour les visiter. Je suggérerais la visite de trois sites plutôt que quatre sur une journée.

5  Overall opinion

South Korea

"The best guide, but a few details could be improved"

4   Very good, recommended  Reviewed Thursday 11 Jul 2019

We booked two tours; one including Chambord and the other including Villandry. Would recommend the tour if you are nimble. It surely is an efficient way to see all eight chateaus but we were always rushing. We had to change vehicles in the middle for for some reason. We carried our large bags around in Villandry.

I do not usually write reviews but this time I had to because our tour guide Elsa was the BEST. Best driver, hospitable, extremely punctual, and always very clear on when and where to meet. She introduced to us the chateaus that we were passing by in the van. She made sure we didn’t waste time queueing for the entrance by collecting money in advance and queueing for everyone in the group. The most efficient and nimble guide ever:-)

In terms of the program, it would have been better if we were given at least 2 hours at Chambord. An hour and a half was way too short to look around such a huge chateau. Including the long walk towards the entrance, we were left with just an hour.

Also, it wasn’t fun being accused of misplacing or stealing the audioguides. The male guide we met in the afternoon was very stressed about having lost the audioguide and didn’t give us the guides in the van. When we asked for it afterwards, we had to share because “they’ve lost so many”. It is not our fault you aren’t able to manage the expensive guides. If it is included in the price, I would like to have it with me from the beginning until the end of the tour.

Anyways if you can ask for a tourguide, definitely go with Elsa :-)

4  Overall opinion

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